Curly Coated Retriever

On the 12th of October we had 5 black angels beeing born. All boys, healthy, strong and big puppies! Everything have been after the "textbooks". 

Furhter down on this page you will find the information i made when i decided to do this combination, so some details are outdated. I will update this page with pictures and information about the different puppies. We are so excited to follow these beautiful boys!


We plan a litter with Ira late summer or autumn 2022. The lucky chosen one is Neo (Skaringen`s First Of All) from my first litter. This is a combination that combines everything I look for in a curly when it comes to phenotype, genotype, will to please, health and most importantly temperament. We will expect only black puppies.

Ira 2,5 years old

Neo 22 months old

“Ira” Infallibles Black Angel

Dob. 22.09.2019

Sire: Multi Ch Laguna Love Adam Admire
Dam: NO UCH Kelsmere Kariema

COI: 5,00% in 7 generations

Hips:               A/A
Elbows:           0/0
Eyes:               Clear (15.11.21)
EIC:                 Affected (no symptoms)
GSDiiia:          Clear
PRA-cord1:    Clear
B-locus:          BB (doens't carry liver)

Titels: NJV-20 NV-20-21-22

Ira is a classic curly bitch with a very feminine head, a lot of bone and substance, very sound conformation, great size and fantastic coat. Ira is a wonderful dog with lots of humor and personality. Ira has lots of will to please and does everything for a treat. Ira has taken a couple of gundog classes and has a lot of speed, desire and will to retrieve both dummy and coldgame. Unfortunately, I have not come far enough to start hunting trials, but we have a goal about it in the future. Ira has some great qualities when it comes to obedience exercises, she has more focus and seeks more contact than my other curly’s. Temperament-wise Ira is very calm inside, loves to cuddle and attention, good with the elderly and children, social towards strangers but behaves calmly. Minimal guarding instinct. In terms of show, Ira is a bitch of high quality with particularly great movements, front and coat. Ira has always been awarded the highest quality Excellent with CQ. She has CACIB from Sweden and Denmark, CAC in Sweden, 2 times Nordic CAC from Norway, Norwegian winner 2020 and 2021, Norwegian junior Winner 2020 and several BOBs. She has not been shown in Norway after she turned 2 years old, so we are waiting until 2022 to try to gain her last CAC to gain the show Champion in Norway and Sweden. Ira has been placed in Retriever shows and made the cut in the group. Ira is about 63-64 cm high, 32-34 kg depending on condition. She has 4 siblings who are x-rayed and they all have A. They are healthy active dogs of varying sizes, they are doing well at shows and field work.

Please go to Iras page to see her updated show results.

“Neo” Skaringen`s First Of All

Dob. 15.07.2020

Sire: Se U(U)CH, NO UCH Magriss Lets Play
Dam: Multi Ch Zoete Regenboog Van Elegast

COI: 1,21 % in 7 generations

Hips:                 C/C
Elbows:             0/0
Eyes:                 Clear (15.11.21)
EIC:                   Clear
GSDiiia:             Clear
PRA-cord1:       Clear
B-locus:             Bb (Carry liver)

Titels: NV'22, DK V`21, DK JV`21

Neo is a unique young curly male from my first litter. He is one of the most beautiful curlies I have met and he has some unique anatomical and physiological qualities for a curly male. Neo is super social and is as kind as the day is long, towards people and dogs (he lives with 3 dogs, of which 2 adult males). He is very similar to his mother in temperament, a very open character. Neo is a male of great size, bone and substance, super front, hindquarters topline and croup, fantastic coat and a wonderful mover. Positive attitude towards training, but still quite young and immature in the head. Minimal guard instinct. He is trained a bit in Rally obedience. He has done incredibly well in the show ring the 5 months he has been shown. He has been shown 10 times, always awarded the highest quality, Excellent with CK, gained his CACs in Norway, several Nordic CACs, 8 times BOB, 1 time BOS, BIS 1 at Tromsø Dog Club all breed show over 700 dogs. He has been BIS 3 two times at retriever shows, and became BIS 1 junior both times too. He has CACIB and 2 times CAC in Denmark, he is also Danish Winner 2021 and Danish junior winner 2021. He is placed in the group all the 3 times he won BOB at NKK shows, of which BIG 2 NKK Tromsø, BIG 3 NKK Trondheim and the largest BIG 1 on NKK Sandefjord. He is about 68 cm high and 44 kg. All his siblings are x-rayed and have A hips. They are unproblematic dogs with lots of energy. They are very social dogs of good size and excellent conformation, the bitches are 61-64 cm tall and the males are 66-68 cm. They all have good coats. Those who are shown have excellent results and they show good potential within hunting and blood tracking. I am very pleased with this litter in every way.

Show results isnt updated in this text anymore, pleasw got the First Litter to see his achievments. 

The combination of Ira and Neo is based on their strengths and weaknesses. There is no risk of the genetic diseases EIC, GSDiiia and PRAcord1. I believe this combination will produce great specimens of the breed in terms of type, conformation, health, temperament and working abilities. I am particularly pleased with the low inbreeding and high numbers for unique ancestors in this combination. At the same time it is focused on excellent phenotype. The inbreeding for 7 generations is 1.68% and there are 184 unique individuals out of a total of 254 dogs. I like to study inbreeding and numbers in different generations in order to get a correct impression of the pedigree and breeding that has been done in the breed. In 10 generations, the inbreeding is 7.59% and there are 494 unique individuals out of a total of 2046, it shows that the origin of the breed is quite inbred. In 5 generations that most kennel clubs use to count, the inbreeding is 0.59% and there are 60 unique individuals out of a total of 62. These are numbers I am very happy with as it is a combination that has low inbreeding and high numbers for unique individuals for our breed.

Here is a link that shows analysis of the combination when it comes to inbreeding (COI) and unique individuals (Actual ancestors). You can also go to each individual dog to see health analyzes. This database is a good tool for getting to know pedigrees and the information they contain. Recommend you play around with it to get to know it:

Ira 2 years old, 2 x 2nd best bitch in Herning 2021

Retrieving a pigeon

Winning BOB at Norwegian winner 2021

13 months old

Ira soon 2 years old

Neo winning BOB 2 time in Herning 2021

2nd in group NKK Trondheim 2021

Moving in the group

Fun at Rally obidience

He can focus too ;)

Neo 22 months old